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I can't find my size

If you don't find your size among the available options, don't worry! We are here to help you get the perfect custom-made piece of jewelry. Contact us on +39 393 935 5265, write to us on live chat or send an email to info@francopandsons.com and we will be happy to assist you with a personalized order.

Are the jewels by Franco Pianegonda?

Yes, these jewels are conceived and designed by Franco Pianegonda. Franco Pianegonda's new brand is FrancoP&Sons and only here you will find his unmistakable style. The PIANEGONDA ​​brand no longer has anything to do with Franco Pianegonda.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free throughout Italy. For the European Union the cost is €14.99, in the rest of the world the cost is €19.99.

Where can I buy jewelry?

You can buy them online, from this site, which is the official and only site. Or you can find our Boutiques in Vicenza, Contrà Santa Barbara 9 and Verona, Corso Cavour 9. You can also find our retailers throughout Italy. Abroad you can find us in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Is the Pianegonda brand still designed by Franco Pianegonda?

No, PIANEGONDA ​​is no longer designed by Franco Pianegonda. The brand, brought to success by Franco Pianegonda, was sold to the Bross group in 2016, which took a completely different direction for the brand than it was under Franco's leadership.
Franco continued his idea of ​​jewelery with his new brand FrancoP&Sons, in which customers who love and have loved his style can find his heritage.