CHARACTER is Franco's men's jewelry line. The life of every successful man is hard, but also satisfying and joyful if lived with character. Engrave your name on hearts, not on marble!

  • This collection is designed by Franco to express and convey your Sincerity to others and highlight the importance of this value in human relationships.

  • The jewels in this collection are a perfect combination of luxury, elegance and style. They underline the importance of Respect in a man's life, a precious value to give and receive, just like a jewel.

  • This collection was created for a man of character, who has the ability to express love and romance in an elegant and refined way.

  • This collection fully expresses the concept of the Eternal bond. It is aimed at the modern, strong and sensitive man, who knows how to appreciate the importance of loving himself and having a strong bond with those around him. Self-love is the first step to loving others.

  • Gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. This collection is ideal for the man who seeks Perfection in everything he does, he doesn't wait, he acts.

  • This collection was designed for men who want to express a strong personality and their inner stability through the jewels they wear. The jewels in this collection have an important symbolic meaning as the octagon pavé that characterizes them represents the versatility of the complete man.

  • This collection represents the strength and determination of the successful man. The man who wears these jewels is not afraid to get involved, to fight for what he wants and to achieve his goals. With his decisive and courageous personality, he becomes an example of leadership and success for others.

  • The man who chooses the jewels from this collection is confident and knows exactly what he wants. His Charisma is evident in his ability to face any situation with ease and to communicate with others in an engaging, authentic and natural way.

  • Jewels engraved but still shining. This collection represents the ability to resist life's difficulties, the Resilience that allows a man to live joyfully despite the scratches he has suffered.

  • Like the jewels in this collection, the man who wears them has a mysterious personality that makes him fascinating and intriguing. Every day is an opportunity to reveal a little of this Mystery, but there are always hidden nuances that arouse curiosity and interest.

  • The man who wears these jewels conveys great refinement. His style and movements are the expression of a natural Elegance, capable of capturing attention in a natural way. The attention to detail and the choice of refined and elegant accessories are distinctive signs of its character.

  • This collection requires a strong and decisive attitude, ready to face life's challenges. Man's attitude is fundamental to live with enthusiasm and achieve goals. The rugged appearance of the jewelry is similar to the inner strength that drives men to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams.

  • The personality of a man wearing this jewelry is characterized by his flexibility and ability to adapt to any situation. The contrast between the rigid parts, the flexible chains and soft leather braids reflects the complexity of the modern man, who must be strong and determined, but also flexible and ductile.

  • The man who chooses this collection appreciates the simplicity and essence of things. Her personality is reflected in the choice of her jewellery, preferring clean lines and essential shapes. This collection allows him to express his personal style in an elegant and discreet way, without sacrificing quality and refinement.