The PNG68 line is pioneering a new ready-to-wear jewelry trend. With these jewels Franco expresses the strong changes that young people bring to society. Unique jewelery for young and sophisticated women who love art and design.
PNG68 jewelery is affordable yet high quality, designed to express the wearer's personality through a mix of geometric and organic shapes, with great attention to detail.

  • Franco's DIVERSITY collection is like the people who love it: unique and different, but also open to sharing and comparing with others. Let's love our diversity, let's not reject it.

  • Every woman has an inner power that these jewels can help express and celebrate. Wearing these jewels means feeling confident, powerful and enterprising.

  • Like two arms that firmly grasp the two sides of a stone, leaving it in its freedom of shape, so each piece in this collection represents the independent personality of the modern woman. This is an iconic collection of Franco for 25 years.

  • Carry with you a symbol of love, affection and passion. This heart is unique in the world and was created by Franco to represent love as a noble and spiritual force.

  • An explosion of style and personality that captures the attention of everyone who sees you. Wearing these jewels is equivalent to wearing a sculpture and the woman who wears them feels endowed with great determination and unmistakable charm.

  • The seductive call of the heart that dances in mystery and resonates with the melody of love. In this collection the famous Franco heart is wrapped in semi-precious natural stones that evoke a magical aura.

  • Elegance and refinement. Wearing a jewel from the GLITTER collection means embracing your inner beauty and celebrating it with pride, sharing it with the whole world.

  • It is a collection that celebrates the quality of things rather than quantity, inviting you to use the qualities hidden within you to create the life you desire. The GOLDEN DROPS collection is one of Franco's iconic collections.

  • This collection symbolizes love as a musical instrument of invisible strings that vibrate like our feelings. Franco's design makes these strings visible in LOVING STRINGS jewelry, so you can dance with pleasure to the rhythm of your life.