For Franco, jewels are the oldest love language in the world. We all want to love and fall in love again and again, endlessly. Nothing else makes us vibrate with joy like love. We want that love now. Not tomorrow or the day after. Franco doesn't see love as a reward that we have to work hard to earn. He sees it as an impulse that often comes from nowhere and intoxicates us. The wonderful thing
of love is that it makes us generous, forgiving and tolerant. It is the sublime force that unites us as people.

JET'AIMENOW are jewels that talk about all this, jewels to say I LOVE YOU.

  • The most exciting part of falling in love is hearing the words "Yes, I do!" Franco's YES, I DO collection shows the joy of those words for both those who speak them and those who listen to them.

    YES I DO 
  • When you fall in love, you can't live without the person you love. Together, you are one. Franco's WE ARE ONE collection expresses how your heart needs your lover's heart to become one again.

  • The person you love becomes the most precious in your life. Franco's PRECIOUS LOVE collection tells the person you love that they are precious and also says that you are precious to them.

  • Love is not a straight road.
    It's often a zig-zag that makes love stronger. Franco's PATH OF LOVE collection represents the courage you need when you fall in love.

  • Love is a wave of passion that rises from your heart and becomes greater because you too are loved. Franco's PASSION OF LOVE collection describes the strong bonds that passion creates between you and the person you love.

  • Love brings strength because it adds joy to both people and everyone around them. Franco's LOVE FOR YOU collection expresses that your love is a gift of joy for the person you love.

  • Happy love is as durable and bright as diamonds and can last a lifetime. Franco's DIAMOND RIVER collection has gold and diamonds to crown your love happiness.