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Cuore di Franco Pianegonda

Franco's Heart

Franco interpreted this symbol of universal love in his own way, giving life to an icon representative of his creations. For Franco, love is the most important thing, it guides and excites us during the beautiful journey that is life.

"Your heart is soft but it can also be sharp. Your joy depends on how you use your heart. Make the best choice, make yourself happy."

- Franco Pianegonda

  • Collana in argento e rubini con cuore di franco pianegonda
  • Cuore di Franco Pianegonda
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Sigillo di Franco Pianegonda

Franco's Seal

This is the logo used on all of Franco's jewelry. It is designed like the red lacquer seal that has been used for centuries to authenticate official communications and personal letters. The letters "fp" are the initials of the artist's name "Franco Pianegonda". The initials are engraved on a background of Franco's real thumbprint, this means that the jewel was conceived and designed by Franco.
It is a promise of authenticity and dedication towards every person who wears its jewels. The rings around the initials mean that life is like a chain of events and the links that compose them mean that Franco has a connection with every person who wears one of his jewels.

  • Sigillo FP di Franco Pianegonda
  • Sigillo FP di Franco Pianegonda
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  • Franco Pianegonda disegna un gioiello

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