About Franco Pianegonda

Franco Pianegonda is an Italian artist, sculptor and craftsman from Vicenza, a city renowned for centuries for handmade gold and silver jewelery loved almost all over the world. He is a modern innovator and a contemporary talent who emerged from the ancient artistic traditions of the historic city of Venice, which has always been Europe's cultural gateway to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China, India and the Far East.
In line with the Venetian vocation, Franco's strong point is the global perspective. He embraces globalization, while maintaining the authenticity of Italian design and craftsmanship.

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Franco loves authenticity and the highest quality natural materials. The distinctive characteristics of his creative process are respect for nature and sensitivity towards the personality of the women for whom he is creating. He is an artist rather than a designer, interpreting jewelery not as decorative accessories, but as body sculptures that convey a message about women.

His creative process begins with women who wish to wear his jewelry. Study their personality, culture and lifestyle. He then sketches his works on paper for further computer processing to check proportions and feasibility. After that, he personally sits alongside local artisans to perfect the physical samples.

What you ultimately get from Franco are pieces of his heart in the form of jewels. As one of the few independent creative artists still expressing Italian craftsmanship, Franco is committed to bringing you the best choice of his talent. He personally invests in you. Franco who draws


All Franco Pianegonda jewels are handmade in Italy. We use genuine gold, silver and natural gemstones. All our gemstones come from conflict-free areas. Franco personally supervises the production of our jewels in artisan workshops in Italy. Some of the artisans have been in the jewelry business for generations and are considered among the best in the world. Diamonds and precious gems are set by hand, one at a time. Finishing, polishing and rhodium plating are also done by hand in the workshops.

When you invest in Franco Pianegonda jewelry, you get authentic Italian craftsmanship. It is authentic Made in Italy.

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Franco's jewels are very particular because they are inimitable. From its beginnings in the 1990s to today, its jewelry displays a central idea of ​​vision, concept and design. It is easy to understand that these are his creations, despite the variety and differences in period.

Franco leaves the mark of his personal and inimitable style on each of his works of art. So, when you wear her jewelry, you can be sure that there will be no imitators.
Her first jewels gave rise to a small revolution, making sterling silver a noble medium for Western jewelery and expressing an idea of ​​bold designs not used before to affirm the independent nature of modern women.

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Franco's constant dialogue with women, celebrities and fans fuels his inner energy.

And it motivates the creativity expressed by its jewels and other products.

Many celebrities love to wear Franco Pianegonda's creations both on and off screen.

Franco's goal is to offer jewelry and accessories that allow a woman to "Enjoy all that you are."
His creations are dedicated to this purpose. They are not decorations
to flatter the person. Each jewel is a friend designed to strengthen and enhance a woman's personality and character.